Photos of Hummer H2 and Moskvitch 401 interiors now on our Examples page

On our Examples page you can now find photos of interiors installed in Hummer H2 and Moskvitch 401.

The interior of Hummer H2 was completed already in summer 2007, but the photos were taken only now. The interior of Hummer is leathered in full – doors in full, dashboard in full, all pillars and door posts. In addition, also the entire luggage compartment and rear door. The ceiling was done with black Alcantara and light green quilted lines were added for highlight. We naturally made an original design for seats as well, giving them unique pockets at the backsides of front seats.

The interior of Moskvitch copied exactly the original. Even the fabric used was exactly the same kind and with the same pattern as used in cars produced in 1954. The customer managed to get the exact same fabric from Kreenholm as was made at that time. This work was done as a special project for some Estonian Moskvitch enthusiast. We also installed a new floor cover and new ceiling padding. The interior was completed in summer 2008.

Photos of Hummer H2 are here.
Photos of Moskvitch 401 are here.